About Us


Boys and Girls Day Care’s philosophy is simple, every child is unique; that uniqueness is harvested and fostered via active learning and creative expression. Most children don’t know what they want, but often they gravitate towards a particular interest. Our job, along with parents, is to identify what excites our children and help them to find meaningful ways to pursue and conquer their goals.

We promote physical, social and emotional development of our children; we praise their accomplishments and assist them with any challenges. The children learn the importance of teamwork, sharing and how to solve problems together and as individuals.

Our staff understand the basic principles of Boys and Girls Day Care: safety, physical, educational, emotional well being of the children is our number one priority.

At Boys and Girls Day Care, we provide an environment that is warm and nurturing. We encourage our children to explore while knowing a comforting hand is nearby to catch them should they stumble; giving them great confidence to pursue each day to the fullest.

Boys and Girls Day Care is located in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn in NYC. We created a BRAND NEW CONCEPT in home based childcare. Blending a daycare center-size space and teaching techniques in a large well appointed LUXURY HOME. ‘The Best of Both Worlds’. The day care is designed to engage all of your child’s senses with a colorful yet stylish design that is pleasing to both parent and child. The kids love it and so will you.

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION: The children have fun and learn through language-rich activities, books, toys, music, dance, arts & crafts, pretend play and low-tech interactive edu-phonic devices designed to stimulate their cognitive and creative minds.

Overall our curriculum is designed to be fun, customized for each age group, allowing each child to learn at a comfortable pace in order to build confidence.

SOCIALIZATION: Every child is unique; however interaction with other kids and non-family adults helps children understand the importance of sharing, collaboration, rules, team work and respect.

FACILITY: The facility is Brand New. It boasts a state of the art modern kitchen (Blue), featuring  stainless steel appliances (pictured), brand new modern bathroom, bright LED recessed lighting, climate control (heating and air- conditioning), brand new hardwood floors, eclectic art, bold paint color scheme, brand new furniture, brand new toys (including two kids play kitchens) and of course the latest learning materials.

SAFETY & SECURITY: Parents will be happy to know we are very serious about safety and security and have taken every precautions. Starting with not one but three Smoke/Co2 detectors, front & rear motion sensor cameras, motion sensor security flood lights, two way audio/video front entry system, f/r lighted emergency exit signs, and a secure private rear enclosed play yard.

Safety continues in the interior, with tamper-proof covered electrical outlets, fire extinguisher, locked pocket door to kitchen, locked kitchen and bathroom cabinets, door chimes, and a split Dutch bathroom door for added privacy.

LICENSURE & TRAINING: We are licensed by New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) & NYC Dept. of Health. All staff have been screened and passed all mandatory New York State background checks. Additionally, staff have received training that exceeds child care industry’s best practices. Our goal is and always will be to provide the children a learning environment that’s fun, warm, nurturing and above all safe. Everything we do, we do for the children.