Daily Schedule

  •            7:00-7:30 Arrival Time
  •            7:30-8:00 Free Play
  •            8:00-9:00 Breakfast
  •            9:00-9:30 Circle Time
  •            9:30-10:00 Reading
  •            10:00-10:15 Bathroom
  •            10:15-10:45 Morning Snack
  •            10:45-11:45 Outdoor Play
  •            11:45-12:00 Bathroom

  •            12:00-1:00 Lunch – Wash Up
  •            1:00-3:00 Nap Time
  •            3:00-3:30 Bathroom
  •            3:30-4:00 Afternoon Snack
  •            4:00-4:30 Group Activity
  •            4:30-5:00 Clean Up/Pickup

Communicative Language and Literacy Development

Involves children’s abilities to convey their ideas, thoughts, and feelings through speaking and writing, and their ability to demonstrate early reading skills.


Focuses on the development of skills necessary for learning, such as self-regulation, attention, and persistence.


Social and Emotional Development

Our approach to learning makes all the difference, and the research shows it! Little minds are wide open and ready to learn, and we have a unique way of encouraging children to become life-long learners. A recent study of children using the nationally-recognized Childhood Screening found that students that are exceeding expectations on their assessments are usually those who receive personalized attention early.

Physical Development and Wellness

Gives your child opportunities to build large- and small-muscle skills, strength, stamina, and knowledge needed to live a healthy lifestyle.

Cognitive Development

Supports the mental processes needed to think, make sense of the world, and understand knowledge across different subjects, including mathematics, science, and social studies.